Discovering Enectaliana, the high CBD strain that will change the hemp industry

hemp flower strain

In the last few years, Cannabidiol has been all the rage in the cannabis world. Let’s be honest though, the quality of CBD products has not always been there.

Especially when it comes to hemp seeds, many failed to deliver the results they promised. Lower cannabinoid contents, poor genetic stability and, most importantly, the lack of focus on the present day CBD market.

Enectaliana, the CBD industry tailor-made hemp strain

Enters Enectaliana, our flagship variety.

What makes it unique? 

If you take a look at what kind of hemp strains are presently listed on the EU Common Catalogue, one thing will stand out:

The vast majority of the strains on the list are made for hemp fiber. 

Or, when they are designed for CBD yield, they are just a revamp of fiber-oriented strains.

When our breeders started working on Enectaliana, they had this flaw in mind. They knew that in order to innovate the CBD industry, the change had to begin from the roots, literally.

Enectaliana has undergone several trials and, hopefully, it will soon be listed on the EU Common Catalogue. This would be ground-breaking, as it would mean that regulators are finally grasping the direction where the hemp industry is going.

Enectaliana would be the first hemp strain tailor-made for the CBD market to be listed on the EU Catalogue.

Enectaliana, the all-around hemp flower strain

hemp flower strain

Our breeders found another crippling issue in the way most hemp strains are created.

They are usually laser-focused on just one supply chain, i.e. seeds, biomass, extraction. You name it.

The point is, most of these hemp plants perform well in their own field. However, if you wanted to plant both for biomass production and CBD flowers, you would need to plant two different genetics.

And this would mean that you would have to pay two times, one for the biomass hemp seeds, and one for the flower strain. Well, this is going to change with Enectaliana, because it’s designed to help different supply chains. For starters, thanks to its high CBD yield, it will help the extraction industry by providing top-notch biomass that will result in better CBD oils.

The other supply chain that Enectaliana can help is that of hemp flowers, as our variety produces twice as many flowers compared to the standard industrial hemp varieties adapted to CBD production.

Thus, one could buy Enectaliana hemp seeds and catch two birds with one stone by fueling two different supply chains.

Enectaliana: what makes it unique?

Let’s break down the main features of our new generation hemp strain. 

First of all, it’s a unisexual variety, as more than 90% of its offspring will be female.

This is way more effective than just feminizing seeds with colloidal silver, to name one way to do that. 

A unisexual variety is more adaptable, as it can be grown outdoor, and you’re almost guaranteed that the offspring of our variety will develop all the features we’ve equipped it with. Compare this to dioecious variety, where males pollination could jeopardize all the desirable traits of your strain.


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Secondly, Enectaliana has a higher genetic stability compared to its rivals. Again, this means that its offspring will still yield high CBD contents and make great biomass.

Then there’s the terpenic profile. The CBD industry has been plagued by a race to the highest CBD variety. There’s a major flaw in that, and our breeders developed Enectaliana to solve the issue.

Cannabinoids work better in concert, that is the root to the so-called “entourage effect”. More and more studies show that terpenes are vital for the entourage effect, to the point where you can’t just “pack” your variety with cannabidiol and forget about, say, limonene, pinene and other crucial terpenes.

Couple a cannabinoid with terpenes and they will do wonders. Enectaliana is packed with beta-pinene, which boasts anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties, along with a pine forest-ish flavor profile.

Last but not least, we are doing all the paperwork and the field trials to certify Enectaliana. We think this is crucial, as certified hemp seeds allow growers to know exactly what they are getting, where it comes from, and that it complies with European THC limits (0.2% as we speak, 0.3% in 2023) while delivering on its promised quality.


Enectaliana vs industrial cbd hemp

Ok, words are fancy, but it’s time to talk numbers. 

How does our CBD hemp strain fare with the average industrial hemp adjusted to CBD production? 

Remember what we said about Enectaliana being an all-around hemp strain? Well that shows, let’s dive in some comparisons. 

First, let’s say you want to plant our variety for biomass:


Enectaliana has a 5 to 6% CBD yield, compared to an average 2-3%.


You’ll get almost 3 tonnes of dry biomass per hectare, compared to an average of 1, which translates in roughly 68.75 kg of CBD to extract versus a mere 11.25 kg

Now, let’s say you are in the CBD hemp flowers business, and want to grow our Enectaliana:


Here the cannabidiol production is more uneven, 6-8% versus 2-3%.


300-500g vs 100-150g

Whatever supply chain you would like to work with, the THC content will always comply with the 0.2% threshold, thanks to Enectaliana being a unisexual variety, thus more genetically stable. 

So, especially if you are new into the hemp industry, this means no unwelcome surprises, as the THC content will always be below 0.2%.

To sum up, by planting our high CBD strain a grower will:

  • Target two crucial hemp supply chains, the extraction and the flower one, with just one variety, thus saving quite a lot of money.
  • Comply with the EU THC standards, thanks to the genetic stability of our variety.
  • Harvest state-of-the-art hemp flowers, thanks to Enectaliana’s rich and carefully-designed terpenic profile and its high CBD yield.
  • Achieve cost-efficiency, our variety has a high germination rate, which means that, compared to other hemp varieties, he will get more CBD for less money.

Want to know more about our hemp seeds? Drop us an email at and talk with our team to start planting the future of the hemp industry right away.

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