Hemp seeds for planting: discover Enectaliana

We are pleased to announce that Enectaliana, our high CBD hemp variety, has recently been  registered as the first CBD strain for extraction on the EU Common Catalogue.

As you know, certification plays a vital role in the hemp industry, as it ensures that the products being sold are safe, of high quality, and free of harmful contaminants. 

In the European Union, it is legal to cultivate and supply cannabis plants for hemp fibre if they have low levels of THC.

The granting of payments under the Common Agricultural Policy is conditional upon the use of certified seeds of specified hemp varieties; only varieties with a THC content not exceeding 0.2 % may be used (UE Regulation 1307/2013).

Certified hemp seeds also allow European hemp growers to apply for CAP funding and other EU funding programs. No certified seed means no EU funding.  

Without certification, who is growing hemp may struggle to sell his products, and consumers may be hesitant to purchase them.

After years of research, Enectaliana has managed to come to the attention of the industry for its high CBD content and other unique characteristics, such as varietal purity, genetic stability, and THC level control.

If you are looking for certified hemp seeds for safe, high-yielding transparent cultivation, you have come to the right place.

Enectaliana is a brand-new variety that works with different supply chains: extract, hemp flowers, biomass and much more.

Enectaliana’s hemp seeds are guarantee of:

  • Germination rate: a certified variety guarantees 91% germination rate
  • Healthy seeds: everything starts from the seeds. Crop health standard are higher for certified seeds
  • Material traceability: Enectaliana seed production is monitored from the beginning to the end
  • Varietal purity: total absence of seeds from other varieties

CBD Hemp Seeds for sale: reasons to choose Enectaliana

Among the many different hemp genetics on the market, Enectaliana is unique. Is unique because it has been developed and designed specifically for the phytocannabinoid extract market.

Although the CBD market is booming, research and development on industrial hemp are far behind. This means that so far phytocannabinoid extracts have been produced from hemp plants developed for fiber production.

Is that right and fair? Certainly, and can be done even with very good results, but…

A hemp variety developed specifically for CBD extraction changes the rules, raises the bar on quality and brings to table unique and innovative characteristics, those that are essential to obtain EU certification:

  • High CBD content: Enectaliana contains a percentage of CBD ranging from 5 to 6%, compared to the average percentage (2-3%). The CBD, biomass and flower content you can obtain is significantly higher than average
  •   Resistance and High yield: EnectaLiana is a select monoecious, in which the percentage of female specimens is min 90% compared to max 10% of male specimens. Thanks to natural, chemical-free selection in the field, we are able to guarantee an organic, nature-friendly product
  •   Genetic stability: with a regularly registered variety, hemp farmers won’t have any bad surprises. Enectaliana will keep its phenotypic characteristics intact throughout the growth phase, and growers will know exactly what to expect
  •   Varietal purity and healthy seeds: Enectaliana seeds score very high in terms of purity (99.9%), meaning that these hemp seeds never come in contact with seeds of other varieties so as to avoid any kind of contamination or hybridization, one of the scourges of hemp cultivation
  •   THC content control: the THC levels in our CBD seeds are less than 0.3% as required by regulation. The stability of the genetics ensures that THC levels do not change as the plant grows. This is another key factor considering the frequency and strictness of cannabis cultivation controls
  •   Versatility: the high CBD content produced by Enectaliana can be used for the production of various products, from CBD oils to cosmetics

Do you want advice for your hemp cultivation? Are you interested in CBD or CBG hemp seeds? Or you maybe want to buy hemp seeds that you can fully trust? Write to us at info@enecta.farm or make an appointment with us.

We are waiting for you to transform the world of hemp together.

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