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Sustainable Price

This is how we cut down production costs to offer healthier prices to our resellers.

  • Streamlined all processes in a flexible and cost-efficient way. An example: we use no artificial lights to grow our certified genetics, which also require less water compared to average hemp plants. 
  • Extracting from proprietary strains allows us to both raise the end product quality while also trimming production costs.
  • Significantly reduced production waste, as each part of the plant is used, transformed, and up-cycled at another stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Having full control over every link in our supply chain means that we are always sure of the quality of our raw and processed materials. As no middleman is involved, production is sped up and less expensive.
  • Compliance with regulations. Because we manage all production processes, we can also monitor that they all comply with local and international regulations.
Enecta for companies

Enecta wholesale, unique price, unique quality

Our wholesale hemp extracts deliver the same high-quality standards as our retail products.
Thanks to an innovative supply chain management, we can offer sustainable prices to all our resellers, to grow together.
Eu certified hemp strains


We have developed new cultivation methods to maximize germination, cannabinoid yield, and the overall efficiency of our crops.

All production departments work in synergy to deliver top quality hemp products. From the raw material to the final product, each step is managed and carried in full accordance with the industry’s key certifications, so that we can be 100% sure that our high quality standards are respected.

To date, Enecta Farm has certified 14 unique hemp varieties, tackling many pain points of different hemp supply chains: high CBD content, guaranteed low THC, homogeneity, genetic purity.Innovation has always been our major concern. We are presently developing 3 new varieties, dedicated to  Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC), and Cannabidivarin (CBDV).
Extraction Biomass
bulk hemp seeds
proprietary genetics

Certified hemp seeds, certified results

Behind each variety we breed, there is a dedicated team of world-class cannabis experts.

Each strain is certified and designed for the modern hemp market:

  • Enectaliana, the high CBD strain, will get you the best extracts on the market.
  • Enectarol, the first high CBG strain registered on the EU Catalogue, will put you on the top of the rising CBG market.
  • Carmaenecta, our certified variety for top-notch fiber production.

We also designed other varieties, targeting both well and lesser known cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBC, CBDV, and THC.
On top of that, more innovative strains are on their way, devoted to THCV, CBL, and CBE.

11+ CPVO Registered hemp varieties: Enectone, Enectacalm, Enectarina, Enectares, Enectitaca, Enectabis, Enectria, Enectonica, Enectriump, Enectusia, Enectavio. 

premium bulk hemp biomass


Traceable, homogenous, from certified strains, GACP compliant
Enecta Farm biomass is the perfect foundation for top-notch extracts.Moreover, we provide something that other competitors don’t: traceability.
Our bulk hemp biomass is arranged in batches, where each batch is representative of a single cultivation plot: one hemp variety, grown in uniform conditions and in the same place.The other added value Enecta Farm brings to table with its bulk hemp biomass is homogeneity.
Thanks to an innovative process, our product has no leftovers like seeds, fiber or foreign contaminants. High quality is guaranteed by means of Enecta Farm’s certified hemp strains, coupled with standardized cultivation and processing methods.
enecta farm biomass
hemp flower enecta farm

A whole phyto-complex in a hemp flower

Our wholesale hemp flowers are 100% grown in Italy, harvested under strict guidelines, correctly and accurately dried and manually trimmed.

No chemicals and no heavy metals are present and we do not apply any pesticides during cultivation.

Our flowers:Enectaliana, Enectarol, Skywalker, Zion.
bulk CBD oil innovation

Hemp Extraction

Enecta Farm extraction method preserves all the natural qualities of cannabinoids, delivering to consumers all the properties of the whole phyto-complex.

And it does not stop at CBD, we also extract other promising cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN, and various terpenes.

These are often considered just for their aromatic qualities, but recent studies on Cannabis Sativa L. entourage effect show that terpenes have a pivotal role in activating the entourage effect. That is why we think it is that important to preserve them during the extraction process.

We offer wholesale full spectrum CBD oils, meaning that the extract features the best phytocannabinoids found in the plant.

enecta farm extracts
CBDAy Plus 5%

CBDay Plus

Enecta Farm state-of-the-art CBD oil. Made from Enectaliana, our flagship high CBD variety. CBDay Plus is the result of 5 years of research and testing:

  • A real full spectrum extraction, comprising of minor phytocannabinoids to actually activate the entourage effect
  • During extraction, terpenes are preserved, endowing CBDay Plus with a rich and beneficial terpenic profile
  • Available in 5% – 10% – 15% CBD format.
wholesale full spectrum cbd oil & cbd isolate

Bulk cbd oil: white label, private label, custom orders

Our full spectrum extraction method delivers to all customers the properties of the whole phyto-complex.

The most innovative cannabinoid extracts in the industry, including CBG and CBN, in different formats and concentrations.

enecta FARM bulk products
enecta farm cbd skincare
skincare line

CBD Cosmetics wholesale

We have a ten-year experience in CBD extraction and thanks to the efforts of the Enecta Farm research team we offer an innovative cosmetic line, harnessing the antioxidant power of CBD and channeling it into 6 exclusive topical products, effectively helping both men’s and women’s body care.

All of Enecta Farm CBD cosmetics feature:

  • Natural ingredients
  • High performing formulations
  • Safe and tested
  • No chemicals or pesticides 
  • Heavy metals tested

You can count on our compliance

We have strict quality standards across our whole supply chain. Bulk cbd products does not mean no rules. All the raw materials that make up our bulk cbd products are manufactured in full compliance with key global certifications.

Enecta Farm production is regulated and monitored in accordance with:

  • HACCP protocols
  • GACP
  • GlobalG.A.P.
  • GMP for the extraction process
Checking the field
italian know how

Made in Italy CBD

Italy is rapidly becoming one of the best hemp producers in the world. In 2020 it was the fifth raw hemp exporter in the world.
Enecta Farm bulk cbd products are crafted with Italian know how and passion. All our CBD comes from our sun-bathed fields in Veneto and Abruzzo.

Here’s what makes Italian CBD that good:

  • The best price across the EU
  • Highest quality standards
  • One of the most knowledgeable companies in the hemp industry
why enecta

Sustainable hemp at the best value for your money

  • Best price across the EU
  • EU quality and standards. Fully supervised and integrated supply chain
  • Made in collaboration with world-class hemp researchers
  • Sustainable manufacturing, inclusive work environment

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