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Why choose Enecta Farm as your CBD wholesale partner?

  • Proven excellence since 2013

    With more than a decade of experience, Enecta Farm has a track record of excellence. You will be assured of collaborating with a trusted and established player in the CBD industry.

  • Great choice of high-quality products

    Our product line is not only diverse, but is made with the utmost dedication to quality and consumer needs. 

  • THC-free guarantee

    Providing your customers with a THC-free experience ensures not only compliance but also peace of mind, further establishing your brand as one that prioritizes transparency and purity.

  • All the benefits of CBD

    Our CBD products are state-of-the-art and are developed to enjoy the full spectrum of cannabinoid benefits. They have been meeting the diverse needs of our customers for 10 years and will do the same for yours.

  • Best CBD wholesale prices

    Our wholesale CBD prices are the best in the European market. Getting superior quality CBD at a competitive price will give you the competitive edge you need to thrive in the CBD industry.

CBD wholesale Europe: our product line

We welcome you to Enecta Farm, your trusted reference in the world of wholesale CBD. We have been in the CBD industry since 2013 and specialize in providing a full line of high-quality THC-free CBD products. We are here to elevate your business in the CBD market with our expertise and exceptional offerings.

All our products are lab tasted CBD product. They undergo rigorous testing and are certified by third-party laboratories to ensure that they meet the highest standards of purity and efficacy. 


EU registered CBD and CBG Seed

Enecta Farm is dedicated to the development of new Cannabis Varieties through an extensive, long-term breeding programme. Our varieties are registered in the EU catalogue.

We developed the first hemp varieties for the extraction market present on the European market with percentages of CBD and CBG 3 times higher than normal industrial hemp varieties.

Our certified CBD and CBG seeds are the ideal choice for those looking for a competitive strain and excellent guaranteed earnings.

The best CBD seeds and CBG seeds on the European market.


Wholesale CBD Oils and Capsules

Our CBD oils are extracted exclusively from our organically grown hemp varieties. We have several lines developed specifically for each customer's needs. We know the trends and needs of consumers and create superior products that meet real market needs.

Wholesale CBD Crystals

For purist customers who appreciate CBD in its purest form, our CBD crystals are the best on the market. 99% pure, free of impurities, they represent the pinnacle of CBD excellence and are also available in CBG.

Wholesale CBD Gummies

Our CBD candies are more than just a treat-they are a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Infused with the goodness of our premium extracts and flavor, they appeal to the large number of consumers who prefer a palatable CBD experience.

Wholesale CBD Cosmetics

A dedicated face and body line based on CBD, flavonoids and antioxidants to provide a simple but truly effective skincare experience. A line of soothing oils designed to benefit customers suffering from acne and psoriasis, from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

CBD for Animals

Specially crafted CBD products for animals ensure that even your customers' furry companions can enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Hemp Tips and News

Find out more about the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa L.



Certification is the initial assurance for buyers that they have made a good investment. Besides making sure that we are legally compliant, a certified hemp seed gives us several guarantees on the quality of the final product, on the harvest’s yield and on the variety’s characteristics and cultivation. Seed quality is ensured along the whole production process. It begins by establishing the crop varietal seeds and the appropriate nurturing and testing of crops and only ends after harvesting, processing, quality control and labelling. The distinctive “certified seed” label guarantees that the acquired seed has passed all the multiplication, inspection and cleaning processes necessary to ensure a pure product. Specifically, the quality ensured by the certification system through the requirements of the EU Regulation means that we are aware of origin, traceability, homogeneity, specific purity, varietal purity, germination, absence of other unwanted seeds at sowing as well as health and humidity.


The benefits deriving from the cultivation of Enecta genetics will be decisive for your business. Enectaliana and Enectarol have been shown to ensure: high cannabinoid (CBD and CBG) content, above the industry average; fewer seeds needed per hectare and an increase in yields leading to considerable economic savings; the reduction in the amount of stems per hectare and related disposal costs; the reduced presence of weeds which increases the health of the crop and reduces the risk of contamination; a greater resistance to diseases; the homogeneity of production, an essential requirement for the final use of the crop.


Specific sowing times may vary depending on factors such as latitude, microclimate, soil type, planting density and fertigation regimes. Nevertheless, late spring (from April onwards) is generally recommended as a good sowing time. If placed directly in the soil, each seed should be placed at 1.5 or 2 cm deep and the distance between the seeds should be approximately 3 cm. The density ranges from 7,000 to 10,000 hemp seeds per hectare for biomass production; this is lower for inflorescences depending on the variety.

If you have seedlings, they would ideally be ready to transplant by May-June, depending on the growing area and environmental conditions. It is possible to use a mechanical transplanter, or other methods depending on the facilities available on the farm, for transplanting.


We recommend a density of 7,000 to 10,000 plants per hectare. Rather than dense sowing, we recommend sowing per row; distance between rows is at the farmer’s discretion, also depending on the machinery available and normally used (e.g., tobacco machinery, 1m x 1m, 70cm x 70cm). The high germination percentage of our genetics (95%) guarantees that almost all the seeds sown will be able to complete the entire growth phase and actually transform into cannabis plants with high CBD content.


We recommend a density of 2,000 to 3,000 plants per hectare, with larger distances between plants than in a biomass crop. Lower densities (wider spacing between the rows – from 1.5 to 3 m or at your discretion) actually favour optimal plant development for higher quality inflorescences.
We also suggest mulching with biodegradable sheets, under which an irrigation system can be set up. The result is the abundant production of quality flowers, with plants growing into bushes and a final yield of dried inflorescences ranging from 2 – 5 q / ha to 8 – 10q / ha.


The growth phases are influenced by the photoperiod to which the plants are subjected: they are sensitive to changes in light and must receive the necessary hours of undisturbed darkness (in order to avoid stress or suboptimal growth of the crop). If transplanting takes place in May-June, flowering will start at the end of July-August and will finish in September-October (the harvest period).