CBD seeds: Enectaliana®  


What are CBD seeds?

CBD seeds are hemp seeds with high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) and very low THC content, as required by legal limits. Certified CBD seeds are the ideal solution for growing legal hemp for the extraction biomass market.


Enectaliana® certified CBD seeds: unique genetics

Enectaliana® is the first high-CBD variety registered in the European Registry and currently one of the best varieties on the market. It maintains the stem performance of classic varieties in terms of yield and resistance, but focuses on inflorescence quality, which is the foundation of the CBD industry.

The greatest novelty of this genetic lies in the quantity and quality of secondary metabolites found in the hemp plant, namely cannabinoids and terpenes.

But that is not the only irresistible feature of this genetic.

I migliori semi di canapa certificati EU

  • First double-use genetics: fibre + biomass

    First double-use genetics: fibre + biomass

  • Registered in the European catalogue

    Registered in the European catalogue

  • 3 times more biomass production

  • 7-8% CBG content for extraction

    7% CBG content for extraction

  • THC-free-0.2%-guaranteed

    Max. 0.2% THC guaranteed


Enectaliana®: high CBD seeds for sale

After several years of study and research, we can say that Enectaliana® is truly a unique and highly competitive hemp variety in terms of competitiveness in the cannabinoids and biomass market.

We explain why, point by point:

  • Enectaliana® is one of the few selected monoecious dioecious varieties with high CBD content. A selected monoecious guarantees more than 90 percent female specimens, allows more control and avoids seed set. This is not possible with normal monoecious varieties, even with those that are good from the point of view of CBD content, such as the French Futura 75 for example, one of the most well-known varieties used in Italy until last year. 
  • It is a genetic strain rich in CBD and secondary metabolites, namely selected terpenes and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.  Enectaliana® is a variety that was created with the goal of meeting the European demand for genetics developed specifically for extraction of biomass. Cannabinoid and terpene research and selection were a crucial part of the development process. The amount of CBD present in Enectaliana® exceeds the amount found in standard genetics by about 3 times.

Here are the secondary metabolites present within the genetics.

  • Cannabinoids present in the Enectaliana® hemp variety:

    • CBDV <0.01% 
    • CBDA 5.60% 
    • CBGA 0.09% 
    • CBG <0.01%
    • CBD 0.39% 
    • THCV <0.01% 
    • CBN <0.01%
    • CBC 0.04% 
    • THCA 0.16%
  • Terpenes present in the hemp variety Enectaliana:

    • geranil-isobutirrato = 131 ppm
    • beta-pinene = 148 ppm
    • biciclo-eptan-2-olo = 7,0 ppm
    • 3-carene = 5,9 ppm
    • gamma-eudesmolo = 4,4 ppm
    • guaiadiene = 2,3 ppm
    • Enectaliana® is capable of producing 3 times more biomass than industrial hemp varieties.These are genetics designed to give maximum productivity at maximum quality, a robust, hardy and highly productive phenotype designed to maximize grower yields and triple crop yields.
    • THC levels within legal limits, but sufficient to maintain a fair proportion to provide a truly competitive and profitable strain. Until a few years ago, French strains were selected and purchased precisely for their low THC levels. French breeders rode the wave, lobbying the European commission for a lower allowed THC limit (from 0.3 percent to 0.2 percent).This choice turned out to be unfortunate.In fact, this genetic trait is not conducive to dual purpose (wand and extraction biomass) and has no competitiveness with extremely new and balanced varieties such as Enectaliana®. In Italy the allowed limit is always 0.3 percent, but in case the THC level should increase due to climatic conditions, the tolerated limit is 0.6 percent.
    • Enectaliana® seeds are selected monoecious. Normally, certified dioecious hemp seeds consist of half male seeds and half female seeds. Male seeds, however, are never used to grow hemp for extraction because when they pollinate the female plants they reduce the concentration of cannabinoids and secondary metabolites by almost half, compromising the quality of the final product.With Enectaliana® more than 90% female specimens and no seed waste.
    • It offers a germination rate higher than European standards. The germination rate of Enectaliana® far exceeds standards reaching 91%.
    • It guarantees excellent varietal purity standards.  Enectaliana® is a genetics of the highest quality that fully meets European purity criteria. Buying these seeds means buying pure and controlled seeds, not contaminated with seeds of other varieties or similar varieties.
    • It has extraordinary genetic stability. The extreme stability of the genetics makes it possible to predict the phenotype of the plant. In addition, its essential characteristics, will remain unchanged throughout the plant's growth process. This factor is very important because it ensures the stability of cannabinoid percentages, including THC levels

Enectaliana®: high CBD seeds for cultivation


    Selected monoecious



  • SEEDS:

    100% selected




  • USE:

    dual use (fiber and hemp)


    75 to 80 days


    up to 2.5 meters


    2500 -3000 kg


    0.2/ 0.3 %


    5-7 %

Why Enectaliana is the best certified CBD seeds?

Biomass production -> Enectaliana Industrial Hemp – CBD
Gross gain per hectare (ha) 21,000 € 2,000 €
CBD content of dry biomass 5 – 6% 2 – 3%
THC content <0.2% <0.2%
Average dry biomass yield per ha (by using 7,000 – 10,000 seeds per ha) -> 2,500 – 3,000 kg extractable CBD*: 68.75 kg *extraction percentage: 50%; CBD concentration: 5%; average biomass: 2.75 t 800 – 1.000 kg extractable CBD*: 9 kg *extraction percentage: 50%; CBD concentration: 2%; average biomass: 0.9 t

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Enectaliana®: the best high CBD seeds for sale

Enectaliana® is a highly performing and productive CBD strain that can easily grow even in harsh climates and very low temperatures. Our certified and European Registry-registered cannabis sativa genetics offer, as you have seen, a great many advantages to hemp growers, especially in terms of phytochemistry and the characteristics of the active constituents. 

CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids are at the center of a booming market that can offer great results to those who decide to seize the opportunity in an informed and conscious manner. CBD cannabis seeds can become a money-making tool, but it is important to make quality choices starting with the seed.

After all, a strong and profitable hemp supply chain starts with healthy, stable, top-quality seed.


CBD hemp seeds for growing: why you should choose us

If you are making the decision to start growing sativa hemp, you probably want your project to be low-risk and have the best possible yield.

You probably want to make your way into the cannabinoid and biomass extraction market, a lucrative slice of the market with great potential. Starting to grow hemp with classic industrial hemp varieties, which by their very nature, are focused solely on strength and stem quality for fiber production, could greatly penalize those looking for a variety that is profitable and rich in terms of inflorescence.

Moreover, even from the point of view of some of the criteria we have mentioned, such as genetic stability, varietal purity or germination rate, most of the European hemp varieties currently on the market lag far behind what is new on the world market.

Therefore, today, choosing one variety among many could be expensive and unprofitable for growers and producers without any guarantee on the quality of the final product

Choosing innovative CBD cannabis seeds like Enectaliana® means knowing exactly what you are growing and results in the possibility of creating products that are highly competitive on the international market and of much higher quality than average

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