Certified Cannabis Seeds


What are cannabis seeds or hemp seeds?

Cannabis seeds or hemp seeds are cannabis sativa seeds intended for cultivation. As per Law No. 242 of 2016, hemp seeds can only be legally cultivated if the THC content of the plants does not exceed 0.3 percent. Certified cannabis seeds are the ideal solution for growing legal hemp for the extraction biomass market.


Certified cannabis seeds: maximum yield and maximum safety

As you may know, Law No. 242 of 2016 on hemp cultivation stipulates that only hemp seeds certified in the European Seed Register can be legally grown. The same condition is required in case you want to apply for European funds to grow hemp.

After all, a certified variety is the only safe investment for those seeking a range of guarantees:

  • Varietal purity: the purity of a variety is a quality criterion that refers to the degree of contamination of the seeds with other genetics, a very frequent problem in the sale of hemp seeds. To obtain certification, however, hemp seeds must meet very high requirements set by the EU, so certified hemp seeds will necessarily have a high purity score.
  • Genetic stability: the stability of a genetic enables the selection and prediction of phenotypic characteristics of a hemp variety without unpleasant surprises. Hemp seeds with very high stability scores on the one hand allow growers to obtain plants with the desired characteristics, and on the other hand avoid surprises related to cannabinoid percentages. With non-certified seeds, it often happens that the THC level alters during the growth stages of the plant, exceeding that provided by the legal limits or that the CBD yield is lower than expected. Genetic stability is to avoid this kind of problem.
  • THC level: In 2023 the THC percentage allowed in the EU for growing hemp plants is 0.3 percent. Adult plants will have to adhere to this level, and as reiterated in the previous point, the only way to be certain is to rely on certified hemp seeds.
  • Germination rate: the quality criterion that guarantees on the final seed yield. To be certified, a hemp seed must have a germination rate of at least 80 percent.
  • Seed quality and traceability: seed is the key to healthy and profitable cultivation. Buying and planting seeds of dubious origin is not a good practice. Certified seeds are fully traceable and the entire production chain for them is properly and scrupulously documented.

Best EU-certified hemp seeds

Enectaliana® and Enectarol® are the first high CBD and CBG varieties registered in the European Registry and the best hemp varieties currently on the market and on websites.

This is not a bold statement and we explain why. Although the CBD industry has been booming for more than 10 years, the hemp industry is still in the early stages of its innovation process. This means that most of the certified hemp varieties that are on the market right now are dated. They are classic and certainly solid industrial hemp varieties, but in fact created for the hemp fiber market.

For many years those who worked in the CBD or biomass market only had these types of varieties available and adapted them as best they could for their own productions. We did that too, but then we realized that much more could be done. 

We worked for years closely with researchers and academics to create two hemp varieties that were best suited to our needs as producers of CBD and CBG extracts and that also had a unique profile in the market for biomass production.

Thus were born Enectaliana® and Enectarol®, certified hemp seeds high in CBD and CBG (cannabigerol). Both varieties are duly registered in the EU Common Catalogue and maintain stem performance in terms of yield and resistance, but focus on inflorescence quality, the foundation of the CBD industry.

The great novelty of these genetics lies in the quantity and quality of cannabinoids and terpenes present.

We have been working in the industry for more than 10 years and believe that the hemp supply chain  in Europe has enormous growth potential. We have created unique and innovative genetics to offer a solid alternative to those entering the extraction market who do not want to settle for genetics created decades ago that were intended for fiber.

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EU-certified hemp seeds

Enectaliana® and Enectarol® are two cannabis sativa varieties duly registered in the European Seed Register as the very first varieties intended for the extractive market. Equipped with Blue Label (blue card), they both possess a number of exclusive characteristics that make them the best currently available on the market for those looking for an innovative hemp variety that guarantees maximum yield and quality. 

Let's look at some of the peculiarities of these two genetics:

  1. The cannabinoid (CBD and CBG) content is significantly higher than commercially available hemp varieties. Enectaliana® exceeds the average by 5-7% in CBD percentages, Enectarol® by 6-8% in CBG percentages.
  2. The germination rate of Enectaliana® and Enectarol® is above European standards and exceeds 91%.
  3. Regular and traceable seeds: our seeds are traceable from start to finish or subject to strict controls that prevent any kind of contamination, even between similar varieties ensuring the maximum in terms of varietal purity
  4. Both genetics are extremely stable and guarantee during all phases of plant growth, the maintenance of their characteristics, including those related to THC content, which will remain stable and below 0.3%, as required by legal limits, even in adult plants.

Why buy Enecta certified cannabis seeds?

  • Because they are currently the most innovative product on the European genetics market
  • Because they are developed specifically for extraction biomass production, a booming market
  • Because they are one of the very few European genetics intended for dual use: fiber + extraction biomass
  • Because they have the best of classic genetics but are innovative and better performing, achieving high points in all quality criteria
  • Because our achievements in CBD demonstrate the value of our genetics
  • Because we don't just sell a product, we provide you with our expertise

Highest CBD yield in Europe

  • First double-use genetics: fibre + biomass

    First double-use genetics: fibre + biomass

  • Registered in the European catalogue

    Registered in the European catalogue

  • 3 times more biomass production

  • 7-8% CBG content for extraction

    7-8% CBG content for extraction

  • THC-free-0.2%-guaranteed

    Max. 0.2% THC guaranteed

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