Highest quality Bulk CBD Crystals 

Enecta Farm's CBD Crystals are pure CBD isolated, THC free. Our crystals are the result of a natural extract obtained from the hemp plant, with an exceptional concentration of 99 percent CBD. This pure form is an ideal option for the B2B market, where quality is essential. The 1% terpenes add aromatic complexity, making your customers' CBD experience even more refined.

CBD crystal wholesale: precise dosing to avoid waste

With a handy measuring spoon included, Enecta CBD Crystals enable precise dosing. This feature is critical for B2B companies that want to offer their customers a customized solution without product waste.


Buy CBD isolate: ensure the highest quality

The extraordinary purity of Enecta Farm's CBD crystals means that as little as a modest 50 mg offers the first benefits of cannabidiol. This efficiency makes the product economical for the end consumer and increases the profit potential for your business.

Enecta Farm maintains high quality standards, following GACP guidelines and subjecting its products to rigorous laboratory testing.

Certifications attest to the safety and purity of CBD crystals, giving B2B companies the confidence to offer this product to their customers. one-step extraction method, resulting in a true full spectrum CBD oil.

The most important components of the cannabis plant, such as terpenes and minor cannabinoids, are entirely preserved during extraction, giving this oil a rich and beneficial terpene profile.


Wholesale CBD Crystal: flexible formats and choice options

Our CBD crystals are available in convenient standard 1-gram pack formats.

Our crystals are also available at CBG cannabigerol 99% pure.


CBD isolate products: versatility of use for different B2B applications

The versatility of CBD crystals extends to B2B applications. With options for use in inhalation, oral intake, and topical application, the crystals can meet the needs of a variety of customers and industries, from cosmetics to nutraceuticals.

In addition to commonly known anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD crystals can find specialized applications. The B2B sector can explore opportunities in areas such as stress management, support for neuropathic disorders, or even in medical settings upon professional consultation.

Our CBD crystals, 100% made in Italy, represent a unique opportunity for B2B companies in the wellness sector. With their purity, versatility, and commitment to high quality standards, these crystals offer a distinctive advantage for companies seeking to stand out in the marketplace. Integrating Enecta Farm CBD Crystals into your B2B assortment means embracing innovation and offering customers a high-quality solution in the ever-growing CBD market.


Expanding the Excellence: Full Spectrum and High-Quality CBD Oil

Enecta Farm takes pride in providing not only CBD isolate in its purest form but also offering a diverse range of CBD products, including high-quality full-spectrum products. While CBD isolate is 99% pure and a preferred choice for some, others seek the holistic benefits of full-spectrum CBD, which includes a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our commitment to delivering top-tier CBD extends beyond isolates, ensuring that customers have access to various forms of CBD to suit their individual preferences and needs.


Lab-Tested Assurance and wholesale Opportunities: unmatched quality at Bulk CBD Prices

In our unwavering dedication to quality, every batch of Enecta Farm's CBD products, including the CBD isolate powder, undergoes rigorous lab testing. This meticulous testing process not only confirms the purity of our CBD isolate but also ensures that our full-spectrum CBD oil meets the highest standards.

This commitment to quality extends to our wholesale CBD isolate offerings, providing businesses with an opportunity to access premium CBD products at competitive bulk prices.

As we believe in transparency and quality assurance, our lab-tested CBD products empower businesses in confidently delivering the purest form of CBD to their clientele.

The ground-breaking wholesalefull spectrum CBD Isolated

Let’s be straightforward here. There are 4 main reasons you should buy our CBD crystals and not others

  • Best-CBD-Wholesale-Price-in-EU

    Best Price across the EU

    Thanks to our integrated supply chain, we can offer the best price for CBD and CBG oils while keeping the highest quality.

  • Certified hemp strains

    Certified hemp strains

    Enecta Farm extracts are made from our certified hemp strains, tailor-made for the extraction supply chain. We have our own THC free high CBD and high CBG hemp plants.

  • Leader in EU

    Enecta is one of the b2c leaders for hemp oils in Europe, our brand is a guarantee of quality and transparency.

  • World-class parternships

    World-class parternships

    We partnered with world-class cannabis researchers to design ground-breaking, science-based, bulk hemp oils, CBD, CBG, and even CBN.


CBD isolate prices

Enecta Farm stands out not only for delivering premium quality CBD isolate but also for providing cost-effective wholesale solutions. Our commitment to affordability ensures that businesses can access bulk CBD isolate at highly competitive prices.

By offering advantageous wholesale rates, we empower B2B partners to maximize their profit margins while delivering the purest form of CBD to their customers. Enecta Farm's dedication to delivering value extends beyond quality assurance, allowing businesses to navigate the CBD market with a strategic advantage—offering top-tier CBD isolate powder at prices that resonate with both their bottom line and the evolving demands of their clientele.

In a market where cost-efficiency is paramount, our wholesale pricing strategy positions Enecta Farm as a reliable and valuable partner for businesses aiming to thrive in the dynamic CBD industry.

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Cannabigerol (CBG) still lacks a significant body of research. However, recent studies are promising: CBG could have better antimicrobial properties compared to CBD. Thus, Cannabigerol extracts could win a greater market share in the upcoming years.


Yes, it is legal, but depending on where you are shipping you should always check what regulations apply. Some countries have a different THC threshold than others. Usually, international shipping rules are stricter.