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CBD Gummies with CBD and melatonin

Here is the nightly cuddle you shouldn’t miss.

These little colorful gummies are high in CBD, CBN and melatonin and help you fall asleep and bring your circadian rhythm into balance.

CBD fruit jellies for better sleep: vegan, natural, effective

Our fruit jellies with CBD, CBN and melatonin are the candy version of CBNight. They will help you in the case of insomnia and sleep disorders, naturally supporting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

CBNight Candies are handy to carry around, easy to take, practical, and, most importantly, pre-dosed. One gummy contains 2,5 mg of CBD, 2,5 mg of CBN and 0,15 mg of melatonin.

Use them to:

  • manage insomnia and sleep disorders
  • fall asleep quicker
  • improve overall sleep quality
  • better cope with jetlag
  • wake up fresh and relaxed
  • bring your sleep-wake cycle gradually into balance

Our gummies for better sleep contain organic hemp extract as well as melatonin and are gluten free and vegan.
CBNight candies are available in 60-gram packs (30 gummies) or in super-convenient 120-gram packs (60 gummies).

How to take CBD gummies for better sleep

CBNight Candies are easy to take. Just chew your pre-dosed fruit jellies until they are fully absorbed and in no time at all you’ll slip into a deep and restful sleep.

Close your eyes and relax … the active ingredients will begin to take effect in 30-60 minutes.

How many CBD gummies for better sleep should I take?

The recommended dose is 2 fruit jellies half an hour before sleep. We recommend consuming them in moderation and closely observing how they affect your sleep quality.

Please note that during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should refrain from taking CBD gummies with melatonin. If you are taking medications, you should consult your doctor before using CBNight Candies.

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