Hemp Cultivation and European Funding: A full Guide

Hemp Cultivation and European Funding: A full Guide

Obtaining European funding may be the key to starting or expanding your business in the hemp supply chain, a crop of growing interest, especially in the area of sustainable agriculture. In this article, we will explore the best strategies for obtaining European funding to grow hemp.

Obtaining European funding may be the key to starting or expanding your business in the hemp supply chain, a crop of growing interest, especially in the area of sustainable agriculture. In this article, we will explore the best strategies for obtaining European funding to grow hemp.

What are the European Funding opportunities for growing hemp?

Calls to grow hemp can vary depending on the country and the funding programs available.

Generally, funding opportunities are published periodically by government agencies or European organizations. 

The European Union offers a variety of funding programs for agriculture and rural development. In the context of hemp cultivation, the EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) is a key source of funding. 

However, it is not the only source.

First, then, do a thorough research of all European funding opportunities for agriculture and rural development. Regularly monitor the websites of national agricultural agencies, the European Union, and other relevant organizations to stay up-to-date on announcements of calls for proposals.

Carefully review available notices, identify those specifically dedicated to hemp, and even if you don't immediately find one with an upcoming deadline, study one or more expired notices well to understand exactly what you will need to prepare.

How to write a call for proposal to obtain funding to grow hemp

Writing a call for proposals to obtain funding to grow hemp requires care and clarity to make sure your project looks convincing and professional.

You will need to prepare a detailed proposal following the specific guidelines of the call for proposals. Remember that a well-structured project is essential to capture the attention of European, ministerial or regional funders. 

But how do you write a good project?

Here is a guide on how to structure your call for proposals:


Begin with a clear and engaging introduction that succinctly and incisively presents the heart and objectives of the project.

Project Context

Describe the context of the project, highlighting the needs and challenges it proposes to address and what the involvement of local communities will be.

Try to construct a project that actively and concretely involves local communities.

Carefully outline how hemp cultivation will bring tangible benefits to the community, such as creating jobs, stimulating economic development, or redeveloping certain areas. 

Gather real data to support your project, for example, the percentage of employment or pollution rates in the area where you would be interested in developing the project. 

Try to gather formal statements of support from affected communities, reaching out to local associations and entities, and include them in your proposal to strengthen your application.

Project Goals

Set out in detail but not redundantly the objectives of your project. Explain how hemp cultivation will help achieve the identified goals and how it will align with the objectives of the European funding.

In the context of funding for hemp cultivation for example, you should be able to clearly highlight how the agricultural practices you plan to implement will help reduce environmental impacts and help preserve biodiversity. 

Explain clearly how and why your activity would respect the principles of sustainable agriculture and make environmental sustainability one of your goals.


Describe in detail the methodology you will use to achieve the project objectives. Include precise information about the agricultural practices and technologies you will use.

Demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of current regulations to strengthen your proposal.

Ensuring regulatory compliance in a hemp farming project is crucial. Highlight the fact that your project complies with all European regulations on hemp cultivation.

You could, for example, attach certifications if you already have them and specify that you will use only certified seeds.


Economic and social benefits

Clearly outline the expected benefits of the project. Talk about the economic, social and environmental impacts the project will have on the area and the community.

Use hard data to support your assertions, and if you have them available, accurately and concisely cite examples of success that can back up your proposal.

Innovation and research

If your project has innovative elements or is based on 'research, highlight it. Agriculture calls often support projects that advance knowledge and innovation in agriculture.


Submit a detailed budget, clearly breaking down the expected expenses. Specify the exact amount you are seeking from European funding and justify each item of expenditure.

If you have no idea how to fill out the budget section of a call for proposals, ask someone who has done it before you for help, ask the agency for clarification or get help but a professional, but don't underestimate the section.

Even the most beautiful and sustainable project in the world needs a clear budget done right.

Partnerships and collaborations

If you have partnerships or collaborations with other organizations, highlight these relationships. Show how your collaborative network will contribute to the success of the project.

If you have the opportunity, try to create a partnership with one or other companies already established in the field.

Partnerships lend strength to your proposal and concretely offer you an 'opportunity for mutual support and advocacy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Showing that you have a solid monitoring and evaluation system is always a good calling card.

Describe how you will collect data, what evaluation criteria you will use, and how you will adapt the project based on your results.

Demonstrate a results-oriented mindset, your ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and your ability to collect and process data.

Transferability of the Model

If your project has the potential ability to be replicated or adapted to other regions, highlight this feature. The ability to successfully transfer the model is a great strength.


Conclude the announcement by briefly summarizing the key points and the social and environmental impact you expect it to generate. 

Don't forget to include your contact information, and also take great care in the presentation part of the project participants, including all information relevant to the project (course of study, master's degree, research, publications, experience and previous work)

Remember that the only hemp seeds allowed to participate in European calls for proposals and apply for funding to grow hemp are certified seeds.

Learn about Enectaliana and Enectarol, two varieties of CBD and CBG hemp seeds developed specifically for the extraction market and duly registered in the European Registry.

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